Extra Klasse
The on-line store for Michael Janke caps & uniforms.

Feldgendarmerie Trupp 82 (mot.) 2nd. Panzer Division.
A U.K. based Living History Group that recreates a military police unit of the Wehrmacht, circa 1944.

Das Heer Living History Society.
Das Heer is a Living History Society based in the South of England. We portray the men of the 2nd Company, 1st Battalion of the 27th Infantry Regiment from the 12th Infantry Division. The 12th Infantry was a Pomeranian / Mecklenburg unit whose Divisional symbol was a charging European Bison. We believe we are unique in that we are the only group in the UK that portrays the early war German infantryman. Das Heer concentrates on the period immediately before the war through until the end of 1941 prior to the reverses in the east.

2/Pz.Aufkl.Abt.Grossdeutschland (GD Recon)
A UK based Living History group portraying as accurately as possible the men of an armoured reconnaissance unit within the famous ‘Grossdeutschland’ Division that mainly saw active service on the Russian front during World War II.

This website is intended to serve and support the UK axis reenactment community.

The War & Peace Revival 2014.
16th-20th. July 2014. RAF Westenhanger, Stone Street, Kent, CT21 4HX. The worlds largest military vehicles and collectors fair, with 3500+ military vehicles on display, tanks, jeeps, ferrets, champs, weapons, explosions, living history reenactors, huge arena events, 1940s fashion, 1000+ stalls, world war two memorabilia, military models, 1940s history, fun fair and more! RZMilitaria & Extra Klasse will be in the Militaria Arcade - Row E, pitches 27 & 28.

Luftwaffe Airfield Re-enactment Group.
L.A.R.G. aim to accurately and professionally portray to the public the German Air Force’s aircrew and ground support organisation, via realistic airfield scenes.. Original manuals and period photographs are used to ensure we are as accurate as possible.

Clash of Steel
IT solutions for the history & heritage industry. "a website devoted to Military History, including an on-line database of military engagements and images from wars throughout history."

FJR2, Living History Group.
Created in its present form in 2008 around a core of members who had been enthusiastic Fallschirmjäger reenactors for 8 years. The aim of our group is to portray the German paratroop forces of WWII from the invasion of Crete until the fall of Germany, with the use of reproduction weapons uniforms and equipment combined with research of period documents and photographs.

GENERALSTAB are a group of dedicated WW2 re-enactors who specialise in living-history displays representing a German Wehrmacht headquarters. Our members portray senior Staff Officers, including Generals, and associated staff personel eg: Signals, Security, Transport etc. Our aim is to show how the German senior commanders and their entourage appeared during WW2 from the Russian Steppes to Normandy.

Historical War Miliaria
Militaria Forum.

Military & War related events calendar.

26- Panzerdivision / 9 RGT Panzergrenadier
Italian based re-enactment group.

Antique Arms & Militaria Online.
Antique Arms & Militaria Online Auction Calendar and Fairs Directory.