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Gebirgsjäger Rucksack Bag.
'Gebirgsjäger Beutel für den Rucksack'. One of four cotton bags used for stowing equipment in the rucksack Olive-brown cotton bag with aluminium grommets & draw string cord. This one has yellow corners to easily identify contents (others were red, dark blue & light blue).
Very good used condition, with a couple of tiny nicks on each side, some minor stains but no major holes or tears.

Code: 1999Price: 50.00 GBP

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Wound Badge 1939, Silver Class
WWII issue, Silver Class Wound Badge awarded for 3 to 5 wounds.
Early brass plated type (Buntmetall). Solid back, Maker marked L/56 for Funke & Bruninghaus
Retains most of slivered finish, with only minor loss to high points.

Code: 1997Price: 110.00 GBP

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Army Artillery Marksmanship Lanyard.
Army Artillery marksmanship lanyard with early pattern shield & the addition of one miniature shell for a successive award.
Very good condition

Code: 1995Price: 98.00 GBP

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Converted - WWI Imperial German 1914 Pattern Tunic.
'I think' that this 1914 pattern field tunic has been converted during the Reichswehr period, or late WWI possibly for wear by an NCO.
Collar replaced with bottle green badge cloth & has 3 hook closure & kragenbinde attached.
A breast pocket has been added & the hip pocket flaps have been scalloped.
Cuffs have been remodelled & Jäger green piped. Rear skirt has also been modified.
Interior has depot markings and dates 1915 & 1918 to cotton lining. One inside breast pocket & two rear skirt pockets.
Great condition for age, with very little damage / wear. period repairs to the lining & cuffs.
Complete with all original buttons and brass belt hooks. Shoulder board & button loops.
Chest measurement is approx 38" inches.
***Price Reduced***

Code: 1994Price: 650.00 GBP

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Imperial German 1914 Tunic.
More photo's of 1994.

Code: 1993Price: 650.00 GBP

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Oakleaf Zeltbahn.
W-SS Oakleaf Zeltbahn with bright colours to both green and brown sides, One machine stitched 'L shaped' repair & 4 other areas of small holes & nicks. No buttons remaining, all grommets in place.
Overall, a nice looking zelt.
**Price further reduced**

Code: 1990Price: 325.00 GBP

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Luftwaffe Officers Rain Coat.
Regenmantel fur Luftwaffe Offiziere. Introduced 1937 for private purchase, officially termed Wettermantel "weather coat" . Made in Luftwaffe blue-grey rubberised fabric. Same cut & style as the overcoat, with all buttons present. Artillery Hauptmann slip on shoulder boards, secured with screw post buttons. Dagger hanger & slit to left pocket. Nice makers label.
A rare coat, in excellent condition.

Code: 1988Price: 350.00 GBP

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Salt Container.
'Salz' container, made from a resin mix (not Bakelite). Sliding lid is embossed - SALZ, Zu & Auf. Makers mark also visible above the SALZ - 25/2 for Süddeutsche Isolatorenwerke GmbH, Freiburg. Hard to find & in excellent condition, having no damage, cracks etc.

Code: 1986Price: 155.00 GBP

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Sleeping Bag.
Issue sleeping bag, made in olive green canvas with white flannelette interior. 33 inch white plastic Ri-Ri zip with blue backing. The sleeping bag rolls up into the hood, which doubles as a stowing bag with carrying handle. Generally issued to specialist troops i.e. Mountain troops & often used by flight crews when flying at high altitudes.
Rare item in unissued, near mint condition.
Length without hood - 68 1/2 inches.
Illustrated in the excellent Schiffer book - Ruhetag: The day to day life of The German Soldier in WWII. (Vol 1: Health & Hygiene, Page 20)
***Price Reduced***

Code: 1981Price: 325.00 GBP

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Gebirgsjäger Styrian Gaiters.
Gebirgsjäger styrian gaiters ' Stayrsche Gamaschen'. Late War issue, manufactured with simplified canvas stirrup & no front instep strap. Good used condition, with minor stains & signs of age, & surface rust on metal fittings. Metal tabs are stamped 'Stocko'. They were issued to Heer & Waffen-SS Gebirgsjäger in limited numbers.

Code: 1976Price: 325.00 GBP

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